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Patrol Day Hikes // Feb 2024

Patrol day hikes near Franklin

One of the great benefits of heading out on any of our trips is that we’re able to unplug from our digital world for a few days. Electronics are allowed while traveling to our destinations, but we have a longstanding rule that
Scouts are not allowed to use electronics while on our trips (i.e. if brought they’ll be left in vehicles and not used during the trip).


WHAT: Individual Patrols will take day hikes on their own. This page is to list some day hikes for Patrols to consider. The specifics of any schedule/details are up to each Patrol.
DATE: time/location TBD on Feb 10


There are a variety of day hikes in the Franklin area, this list is not mean to comprehensive but to provide ideas for Patrols planning their specific hike. Listed in alphabetical order.
: this might be some of the best hiking in the local area. Lots of options to choose from, you could easily hike 5-10 miles with a variety of interesting terrain.
: this is on the simpler side, there are several 1-2 mile trails along/around the Duck River and some stream offshoots that could be combined for 4-6 miles.
: probably the closest option for a lot of people, this offers some surprisingly technical terrain for being in the middle of Brentwood. One pass around all of their trails is around 7 miles, with some that include pretty challenging elevation.
: this is a good option if you’re going for some mileage. There are several shorter trails, but also a ~10 mile loop. There are a few neat historical features along the trail (old ore pits, historic cabins and buildings).
: we’ve done a fair bit of day hiking here as a Troop, it’s easy to get to and is easy to customize distance (it’s a simple out and back). Popular starting points include Garrison Creek and Burns Branch.
: this park offers some beautiful trails and some challenging elevation if you’re interested. Lots of opportunity to see wildlife on the trail. Parking can be a challenge here, so carpooling to reduce the number of parking spots you need is strongly recommended.
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